Garden News

St. Thomas Garden Club

This year we are seeking to revive our Sunday School Garden, and any children interested in joining our Garden club is welcome. We will meet the third Sunday of the Month until October. Children will have fun cleaning the Garden, planting vegetables, and getting dirty in God’s Bounty.

Parents and Children get to have fun together.

This is a program started by our Sunday School as a tribute to God’s Creation. We are hoping to grow our garden with help from the community as well as provide an open space for others to grow their own food source. Not only will this community garden provide space for the children to grow their own crop, and learn basic planting skills, they will also be able to reap their own food and bring it to the table to share.

It  also will help the church building itself. With the creation of the overpass going behind our church, and the building of Plum Point Condos, our church building is now in trouble due to water build up in our basement and yard. This community garden will be used as a natural resource to absorb the excess water.

We’re also hoping to extend our garden to the community to share their expertise with the children by participating in the New Windsor Garden Club. 

Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.” ~Matthew 13:24

UPDATE March 6, 2022

Garden Club if started this year will be started late. The harsh winter and melting ice and snow has made the grounds very hard to clean up this year. We hope to allow the Sunday School class to begin planting in April, and will share progress and anything grown! If any community member wishes to volunteer to help clean our garden feel free to email us!

UPDATE JUNE 25, 2020

Garden Club formally is still on hold. However, we did manage to grow some turnips!, although small because weeding the garden regularly became difficult during the restricted time, those turnips were able to be nutritious treats to one of our member’s guinea pigs! We also found Cilantro which grew on its own from being planted 4 years ago which was cherished by another member’s dog!


Garden Club is on hold, however a church family is planting various vegetables in the garden and continuing its cleaning and refurbishment. Practicing social distancing is very important right now, so this is the only group allowed to manage the garden, but they will keep us updated and reporting on it’s progress. Right now there are turnips, beets, radishes, pumpkin, and squash seeds all planted. This coming week they will clear the next two plots and add more.